Edward Burton
Executive Director

Edward joined the Waterstone on Augusta family in September 2016, to prepare our community for opening day. He is a dually licensed administrator in the State of South Carolina with over 20 years of experience. Edward has worked in all levels of senior care, and has a true passion for the seniors he serves.


Ginger Shiflett
Director of Community Relations

Ginger was the first team member brought aboard by WoodBine Senior Living to showcase our community to Greenville area in June 2016. She has nearly 20 years’ experience in the senior care industry. Ginger is a passionate professional whom has a heart for working with seniors and their families settle into their new home.



Laura B. Horton, RN, BSN
Director of Nursing

Laura joined our family as the Director of Nursing in October 2017. Laura has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Clemson University. With over 16 years’ experience in an intensive care setting, Laura looks forward to working with our team, and our resident’s families to improve our resident’s quality of life.



Rhonda Ratcliff
Business Office Coordinator

Rhonda joined the Waterstone on Augusta family in March 2017, as our Memory Care Concierge. However, after some time in the position, she showed a desire to work as our Business Office Coordinator. Rhonda brings with her over 20 years of experience in office management, sales, and financial services. Rhonda has a true servant’s heart, and loves building a special connection with our resident’s and their families.


Resident Care Coordinator

In February 2017, Jessica joined our team as our Community Life Director. Although, in September 2017, she was promoted to Resident Care Coordinator. With many years’ experience working with seniors, Jessica lives and breathes are principle: “We enhance the quality of life for the seniors we serve through teamwork and unity.” Jessica holds an Associates Degree in Health Science.



Allison Brown, LPN
Memory Care Director

Allison is our Director of Memory Care; she joined our team in February 2017. After many years as a Charge Nurse Licensed Practical Nurse, Allison is happy to led our outstanding Memory Care Program. A graduate of Tri-County Technical College, she has extensive dementia training.



Jasmine Golden
Community Life Director

Jasmine joined the Waterstone on Augusta family in March 2017, as a caregiver. However, she quickly showed interest in Community Life, and was promoted to Activities Assistant. With over 5 years’ experience providing long-term senior care, she looks for to utilizing a wide range of activities to improve the physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and leisure needs of our residents. Jasmine works with our residents and their families to incorporate specific interests into activities to achieve an optimal quality of life.


Brandon Lemieux
Executive Chef

Chef Brandon Lemieux joined our team as our Director of Dining/Executive Chef in February 2017. He previously served as the Executive Chef at the Hyatt Regency Downtown Greenville for 7 years, and has worked in numerous restaurants including the Cliffs of Glassy and Farmhouse Mornings. He has a passion for bringing the freshest ingredients to the table and partnering with local farmers to deliver an amazing dining experience. Brandon is excited to be a part of our team, and bring a taste of true Southern Hospitality to our residents.


Jerry Martin
Director of Maintenance

Jerry joined our family as the Director of Maintenance in October 2017. He is responsible for overseeing the continuous improvement of our physical plant operation. With many years’ experience, Jerry utilizes his wide range of related experience to maximize his impact on our community and resident lives.