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Ideas for Random Acts of Kindness

Sleep Tips for Seniors

Senior man smiling while lying in bed, hands behind his head

Did you know that seniors should get at least seven hours of sleep a night? If you’re getting less sleep than that, working on your sleep hygiene is a good idea. Let these sleep tips for seniors help you enjoy a good night’s rest. Sleep Tips for …

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Symptoms of Dehydration in Seniors

Senior man in the gym drinking water

Did you know that many older adults don’t feel thirsty until they’re already dehydrated? Our body compositions change with age, and seniors have less water in their bodies when compared with younger people. It’s important to frequently replenish that already low supply of water to prevent serious …

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The Difference Between Delirium and Dementia

Younger hand holding older hand

If you or a loved one is experiencing cognitive difficulties, it’s essential to understand what may be causing them. Do you know the difference between delirium and dementia? Understanding that difference can help you get the guidance and medical care you need. The Difference Between Delirium and …

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Tips for a Stress-Free Move

Senior couple packing their home into cardboard boxes, dog looking at camera

Moving is a hassle, even if you’re moving to a place you’re excited about. Don’t let a stressful move dampen your excitement for your new home. Let these tips for a stress-free move make the transition as easy as possible. Tips for a Stress-Free Move The odds …

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Spring Activities for Seniors

Senior man relaxing happily on park bench

Do you have a case of spring fever? As the weather gets warmer and the outdoors gets more inviting, it’s a great time to use that energy and try something new. One of these spring activities for seniors might become your favorite new hobby. Spring Activities for …

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Early Signs of Dementia

Young hand holding senior hand outside

Are you concerned about a potential dementia diagnosis? It may feel scary, but detecting it early and getting the help you need is the best way to protect yourself. If you know the early signs of dementia, you’ll know when to reach out for help. Exploring the …

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How to Improve Your Sleep Routine

Senior man sleeping peacefully in bed

Do you often struggle to fall asleep? Some 50 percent of adults over the age of 55 have trouble obtaining the quality sleep they need. They may have difficulties falling asleep, staying asleep throughout the night, or waking too early. Whatever the problem is, the first step …

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